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An accident is a traumatic event. Often times the individuals involved in these accidents are severely injured.  Call now to discuss the various ways to assess the value of your injury case, whether it be from a car, bike, truck, or pedestrian accident.

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, big rig accident, motorcycle accident or maybe in a slip and fall or trip and fall premises liability case, it can be a terrible experience.  So many questions arise.  Do you have to use the insurance company’s doctor?  How do you know you are actually getting the best medical care?  Will your car be fixed or will the insurance company pay you for your car?  How will you pay for your medical bills?  Do you have any options?  Perhaps you question if you will still have a job after you get better.  Will the insurance company offer you a fair settlement?  Having been injured in a motor vehicle accident, Attorney Santos understands the frustration and stress that comes from being injured in an accident which is not your fault.


You have rights!  You deserve to know your rights!  You deserve to have your rights defended!  Attorney Cory A. Santos, Sr. has been equalizing the playing field for injured persons in Nevada since 2002.  Whether your case is in northern Nevada or southern Nevada, Attorney Santos is ready to help you and your family.  He has handled personal injury cases in Clark County District Court and Washoe County District Court.  His legal career is highlighted by the significant precedent setting win before the Nevada Supreme Court in a work injury case, Flamingo Hilton v. Gilbert,.  He also successfully represented a person injured in the nationally covered Mizpah Hotel fire in Reno, Nevada.  For a more detailed background of his experience, click here.


Attorney Santos has handled all types of accidents.  Recent cases include motor vehicle accidents, an injury due to an employee’s negligence in a retail store, and big rig accident.


Attorney Santos is a multiple year winner of the AVVO Client Choice award.  Attorney Santos wants you to know that you matter to him.  As his client, you can feel confident knowing that Attorney Santos personally handles all litigation before the court, as opposed to handing off your case to an associate attorney.  Attorney Santos feels strongly that communication with his clients is of utmost importance.  In addition to being available for his clients outside of normal business hours, he also provides his clients with his email so they can reach him directly for urgent matters.


You have rights under the law.  Let Attorney Santos and his years of experience in personal injury fight for you and your family.  Call for a free personal case evaluation.  Let Attorney Santos equalize the playing field and get the justice you deserve.

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