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If you are arrested, you may be worried about going to jail or prison and the impact on your loved ones. You may also be afraid that an arrest will have an adverse impact on your job, your housing, military record, or your school enrollment. An arrest is very different from a conviction, however, and the government generally needs to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction.  In Nevada, while this is a high burden for the government, a Nevada criminal defense attorney can help you provide the best defense to the charges and help you understand your legal options. 

When you are charged with a crime your world is turned upside down.  What are your rights?  What defenses are available?  Do you have any options?

You have rights!  You deserve to know your rights!  You deserve to have your rights defended! 


Attorney Cory A. Santos, Sr. has been equalizing the playing field for clients in Nevada since 2002.  Whether your case is in northern Nevada or southern Nevada, Attorney Santos is ready to help you and your family.

From small traffic cases and misdemeanors to felonies, Attorney Santos is here to help defend you against the charges.

Attorney Santos is a multiple year winner of the AVVO Client Choice award.  Attorney Santos wants you to know that you matter to him.  As his client, you can feel confident knowing that Attorney Santos personally handles all litigation before the court, as opposed to handing off your case to an associate attorney.  Attorney Santos feels strongly that communication with his clients is of utmost importance.  In addition to being available for his clients outside of normal business hours, he also provides his clients with his email, so they can reach him directly for urgent matters.

You have rights under the law.  Let Attorney Santos and his years of experience in workers compensation fight for you and your family.  Call for a free personal case evaluation.  Let Attorney Santos equalize the playing field and get the justice you deserve.

"Santos Law, PLLC. thanks you for considering us for your legal needs.  Please carefully review all legal disclaimers on this website".

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